Valerie Donski, Operations Manager

Laurie Hoffman, Office Manager


400 Maxwell Lane
Newport News, VA 23606

Office: 757.930.0561
Fax: 757.930.0844
Hours: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Office Hours for Valerie Donski: Tue - Sat: 1 pm - 5 pm 757.930.0939

Pub & Pool:
Due to COVID-19 hours of operation may change.

Navigation Aid Description Latitude Longitude
Deep Creek Junction Light (James) 37-02-38.643N 076-31-58.603W
Deep Creek CH ENT LT 2 (James Riv) 37-03-36.468N 076-32-06.140W
Deep Creek CH DBN 4 (James Riv) 37-04-00.494N 076-32-09.147W
Deep Creek CH DBN 6 (James Riv) 37-04-18.529N 076-32-10.827W
Deep Creek CH DBN 8 (James Riv) 37-04-24.529N 076-32-16.827W
Deep Creek CH DBN 10 (James Riv) 37-04-42.529N 076-31-46.826W
Deep Creek CH DBN 11 (James Riv) 37-04-48.528N 076-31-34.825W
Deep Creek CH LT 12 (James Riv) 37-04-48.528N 076-31-28.825W
Deep Creek CH DBN 14 (James Riv) 37-05-00.930N 076-31-18.788W